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Standing Tall Overcoming All is a must-read for women…

Is your limiting belief or fear of rejection holding you back from reclaiming your identity? What are the hallmarks of a healthy relationship, and what are some red flags you should watch out for?

This book is for you!

Achieve Clarity, Self-Confidence, Self-Awareness & Breakthrough

When was your last check-in with who you are?

Who are you? What is your purpose and what are the values that drive you?

What is stopping you from being the best version of yourself? Your fear? Your past? Your self-doubt?

Clarity is a decision.  It is a decision that you are 100% responsible for. You are the driver of your life.  You set the direction and to make a decision, you need to be clear and focus, cutting away from potential distractions.

As I stood at the crossroad of my life, I decided to commit to one specific direction and clarity was the natural result after a discovery process which I embarked on. Asking hard but necessary questions is your first step towards setting a clear blueprint of what is important to you, what gives meaning and what you stand for. It will also define what success looks like to you.

Hello, I am Jucelyn

Why am I doing this

I’d love to inspire you, woman, to discover who you really are, unlocking YOUR infinite potential, so that you live a happy purposeful life, turning your dreams into realities.

It is time for you to


Rediscover your Authentic Self

Awaken your full potential. Be amazed as you start achieving your dreams, goals and personal breakthroughs one step at a time!


Discovering or rediscovering who you really are is the first step in your journey towards self-empowerment. Acknowledge the setbacks you have encountered in your life as these events have contributed to who you are. Together, these two twin elements of acknowledgement and embracing your authentic self will be your foundation for success.

Reflect & Reset

Reflect on your role or what caused or resulted in the setbacks in your life or why you are currently feeling stuck and looking for a way forward. With this reflection in mind, it leads to the next step, which is, how do I improve? Resetting some of your goals and priorities is the next step forward.


Having a clear perspective of your self-identity will allow easier identification of areas of improvement. Knowing your values and purpose makes going back to the drawing board to relook at areas in your life that need an upgrade a clearer process. The upgrade will lead you towards making your hopes a reality.


Achieving greater self-awareness through Enneagram as a tool towards a better understanding of self and others around you in the different areas of your life will help you step forward with boldness, confidence and courage.

Exhale Confidence

Embrace and exhale your new found confidence that radiates from within. Through Styling and Etiquette coaching, be amazed to see how beauty that comes from the confidence within you can transform you. This aspect of you working in tandem with the rediscovery of your authentic self will propel you to greater heights. Soaring towards your goals and fulfilling your full potential!

What I offer

Coaching & Discoveries

One-on-One Arise Coaching

6 x 2Hr sessions over 3 months

Comprises of 2 Self-discovery sessions, 2 Enneagram sessions and 2 Styling and Etiquette sessions.

Enneagram Self Discovery Sessions

2 x 2Hr sessions

Get to know yourself better and understand how your personality affects the way you relate with others in your personal and work life.

Styling & Etiquette Sessions

2 x 2Hr sessions

Learn about your body type, learn what styles suit you, find out what are your true colours.

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